Forest and Park for the 21st Century

The Forest and Park for the 21st Century is a mutual park “respectful to nature” on a mountain which utilizes various elements to the greatest extent possible, such as grasslands, wetlands, ponds, and cultivated fields.

It is of a scale of 50 baseball fields (50ha), where you can see sunflowers in summer, and cosmos and seasonal flowers in autumn.

In addition, you can fully enjoy Japan’s nature with various lengths of walking routes for any purpose, as well as a barbeque area which can be used even if you come without equipment.

The nearest station, Shin-Keisei Line’s Yabashira Station has been actively promoted since 2014 by the local merchant’s board as a “cosplay friendly town.”

For that reason, many pop culture events with a focus on cosplay are held in the Forest and Park for the 21st Century, with many cosplaying visitors on holidays and weekends, making it possible to take various photographs and enjoy the sights.

* Notification is required for cosplay use within the facility.



(1) From Ueno Station to Matsudo Station on the JR Joban Line (journey time 17 minutes).
Transfer to the Shin-Keisei Line at Matsudo Station and get off at Yabashira Station.

(2) From Narita Airport Station to Shin-Kamagaya Station on the Narita Sky Access Line (journey time 29 minutes).
Transfer to the Shin-Keisei Line at Shin-Kamagaya Station and get off at Yabashira Station.

15 minutes walk from Yabashira Station
Shin-Keisei Bus from Yabashira Station

(1) Get on “Danchi-Loop Line”
(2) Get on “for Shin-Matsudo Station”

Get off at [Park central exit] (journey time 3 minutes)

Plenty of space to have fun for both adults and children !

Recommended points

As a park without play equipment to get in the way of picnics and children running around, it has a charm as a carefree plaza.

Recommended points

Within the barbeque facilities there is a complete selection of equipment even including such things as sinks! Camping is permitted between April and October.

Recommended points

Another of the charms for waterside lovers is the flowing brook within the facility, at which you can enjoy activities from riverside crayfish fishing or touch the water, to simply viewing the river.

Relaxing moments amongst nature, with sunflower and cosmos flower gardens, waterfront, and wetlands

Within the expansive site an abundantly green space is waiting for you, occupied by a range of wild birds and insects such as dragonflies and grasshoppers.
Within the “Jomon Forest” which allows you to immerse yourself in a peaceful walk through the woods; you can also see such things as the restored “pit dwellings” which were used as dwellings in the Jomon period.

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