The model course includes popular activities along this line including fruits picking, walking around a giant park, visiting historical spots, and relaxing at local restaurants.

oide_en01-10Forest and Park for the 21st Century

Forest and Park for the 21st century is 50.5ha park located in Sendabori area, about 10-minutes by Shin-Keisei bus from Yabashira station. This park is founded in order to achieve the mutual relationship between urban life and abundant nature of Matsudo city. Taking a walk around, you will easily find flowers, birds and insects of its season. There also is an enormous artificial pond (5ha) where water birds can actually build nest, and lots of visitors direct their cameras for its beautiful scenery.



oide_en01-11Promoting cultural socialization between local people of all ages is another purpose of this park.  A community hall called “Forest Hall 21” is standing right next to the park. Music concerts (Classic, Jazz, Rock), theatrical stage, and lecture meeting are scheduled regularly. The reception hall of the upper floor is available for wedding ceremony too.

If you feel satisfied after having walked around the park or enjoyed the cultural events, visit the restaurant “AZARIA” on the 2nd floor. The spacious restaurant has lots of sunshine through window, offering you a very relaxing moment with its specialty coffee, cake and beef-stew(a recommended menu from the owner)!



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646-4, Sendabori, Matsudo-shi, Chiba, 270-2252, Japan

Tojyo-tei House

oide_en01-15Tojyo-tei house was built in April 1884 by Akitake Tokugawa. Akitake was a younger brother of Yoshinobu Tokugawa, the fifteenth and the last “shogun” of the House of Tokugawa. 10-minutes-walk from Matsudo, this wooden two-story building in a pure Japanese style is the one and only Tokugawa’s residence of Meiji era that still exists and is open to public.

Tojyo-tei consists of 9 buildings, with 23 rooms inside, connected by corridors. The first thing you may notice at the entrance is a telegraph message that was sent from Yoshinobu to Akitake, asking for recognition before visitation. The short message may evoke your imagination that historical figures were actually living and spending their time here.


Reflecting prudent character of Akitake, the interior of Tojyo-tei is very modest and humble. However there are lots of “secrets” everywhere. Mr. Yoichi Saito, a director of Tojyo Museum of History says, “Taking a closer look at every single equipment of each room is a key to enjoy this house.” For example, there are carvings of strange shape in the transom of servant’s room. What is it? “They are bats” Mr. Saito answers, “Bats were believed to invite happiness in at that era. And one of the bat is upside down. Why is that? I’ve been working here for a long time, but still there are many things, which I just simply don’t know why. It will take more than decades to reach conclusion.”

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The highlight is a vast front tatami-room with pillars of cedar wood. Mr. Saito says, “Pay attention to the grain of the pillars. They are beautifully streaming. It’s because these thin pillars were cut off from best cedar wood which is many times thicker”. This room has a view of Edogawa River in a westerly direction, and allows you to see Mt. Fuji on a sunny day.

For visitors from foreign countries, there is a QR translator equipped in the house. English, Chinese, Korean, French, Germany, Italian, and Spanish guidance are available.




Tojyo-tei House

714-1, Matsudo, Matsudo-shi, Chiba, 271-0092, Japan


How was the half-day trip? This is just one model course to introduce variety of activities and entertainments that Shin-Keisei Line can offer. So please wait for our next trip, or join us if possible! A lot more is waiting to be discovered.