The 69th Shin-Keisei Railway Healthy Hiking Event

Choose the day you want to participate or wait for a day with good weather
– The cherry blossoms are finally here! Walk from Yakuendai to Kamagaya Daibutsu beneath the cherry trees. –

Futawanishi’s one-kilometer
stretch of cherry trees

The Shin-Keisei Electric Railway Company is holding its 69th Shin-Keisei Railway Hiking Event from March 3 to April 17. The walking course takes you to the best cherry blossoms spots along the railway and you are free to choose the day you want to participate. Depending on the year, we have had over 3,000 people join this hiking event.

This time, you will start at Yakuendai Station in Funabashi and aim towards the goal at Kamagaya Daibutsu Station in Kamagaya. Along the way, stop by stamp checkpoint at Otaki Fudoson Temple and Otaki Park and enjoy walking beneath the cherry blossoms.

With around 100 Yoshino cherry trees that are 20 to 30 years old, Otaki Park is famous for its cherry blossoms and every year, this spot bustles with visitors coming to view them. You will also walk along Futawanashi’s one-kilometer row of cherry trees, a beautiful, yet hidden, cherry blossom site known only to the locals.

Join us on a fine spring day and see all the beautiful cherry blossom spots along the Shin-Keisei railway. Participation dates are open, so you can choose any day you please during the event period. If you have to work on the weekends, then join in on a weekday; or choose to wait for a day with perfect weather.

If you pass the stamp checkpoint and finish the course at the goal, the Seven-Eleven at Kamagaya Daibutsu Station, you can receive a commemorative badge (limited to 3,000 people), “Kanpo” (walk completion) sticker, and free drink. Those who collect four “Kanpo” stickers can exchange them for a special commemorative gift. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the event!



Details of The 69th Shin-Keisei Railway Healthy Hiking

Event Period:
March 7 (Wed) to April 17 (Tue)

Hiking Course
Yakuendai Station (Start) → Kurikara Fudoson Temple → Hasama 3-chome Park → Shintakane Community Center → Midoridai Central Park → Otaki Fudoson Temple → Otaki Park (stamp checkpoint) → Hoshikage Shrine → Futawanishi Park → Futawanishi’s row of cherry trees → Seven-Eleven Shin-Keisei ST Kamagaya Daibutsu Store (Goal)

Walking Distance
About 10.4 km

Free to participate, no registration required