The 71st Shin-Keisei Railway Healthy Hiking Event (Open participation dates)

Choose the day you want to participate or wait for a day with good weather
Visit Funabashi Forest Park and Funabashi Andersen Park and walk along the Kido River in Funabashi’s Oanakita area.

Funabashi Andersen Park
Funabashi Andersen Park

The Kido River
The Kido River

The Shin-Keisei Electric Railway Company is holding its 71st Shin-Keisei Railway Hiking Event from June 20 (Wed) to July 26 (Thu). The course begins at Futawamukodai Station in Funabashi, takes you to the stamp checkpoint at Funabashi Forest Park, and ends at Misaki Station, also in Funabashi.

Along the way, you will visit the Funabashi Andersen Park, which was once ranked the third most popular theme park in Japan. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful hydrangea and sunflowers that will be in bloom during the event period. Afterwards, walk along the Kido River, a favorite recreation and relaxation spot among the locals.

Participation dates are open, so you can choose any day you please to do the hike. If you work on the weekends, then join in on a weekday; or choose to wait for a day with perfect weather. It is also possible to join in as many times as you like. More than 3,000 people participated in the last hiking event thanks to the flexible dates.

Pass the designated checkpoint and finish the course at the goal, the Seven-Eleven located in Misaki Station, to receive a commemorative badge (limited to 3,000 people), a “Kanpo” (walk completion) sticker, and free drink. Those who have collected four “Kanpo” stickers can exchange them for a special commemorative gift. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the 71st event!



The 71st Shin-Keisei Railway Healthy Hiking Event Details

Event Period:
June 20 (Wed) to July 26 (Thu)

Hiking Course
Futawamukodai Station (Start) → Yakigaya Community Center → Yakigaya Citizen’s Forest → Funabashi Forest Park (stamp checkpoint) → Funabashi Andersen Park (south gate) → Kowagama Bridge → Kamata Bridge → Oana Shin’yatsu Park → Seven-Eleven Shin-Keisei ST Misaki Store (Goal)
* Please check the course map available at each train station.

Walking Distance
About 12 km

Free to participate, no registration required
* Note that Funabashi Anderson Park charges an admission fee to enter.