Company Profile

Shin-Keisei Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.

Our company is engaged in the railway, bus, and real estate businesses based around Northwest Chiba Prefecture. In addition, aside from the railway business, as a group company (3 companies) we are also developing bus, car park, and advertising businesses.

The Shin-Keisei Line began in 1947 due to the vacant pre-war former military army railroad regiments training line being sold off by the government, and the proceeding sudden residential development boom from the 1950’s, and is currently used by about 100 million customers per year.

Corporate Data

Corporate Name Shin-Keisei Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Date of Foundation October 23, 1946
President C.E.O. Toshiya Kobayashi
Headquarters 4-1-12, Kunugiyama, Kamagaya-shi, Chiba, 273-0192
Phone. +81-47-389-1111
Paid-in Capital 5,935,940,378 yen
The number of the stations 24 stations

Business Areas

Railway business

The Shin-Keisei Line is a convenient line regardless of the direction, allowing transfers to 8 different lines at 6 transfer points. For example, at its shortest it is 29 minutes from Narita Airport (Shin-Kamagaya Station), and 28 minutes to Tokyo (Shin-Tsunadanuma).
In addition, it aims to be an easy-to-use railway for everyone, bringing in an assertively universal design through barrier-free station facilities and the introduction of station numbering.