Trains in general

If I lost something on the train, where should I make an inquiry?
Please make an inquiry at the lost and found below.
Phone number: +81-(0)47-389-1249
(Weekdays: 9:00-12:00 13:00-17:30 *Closed on Saturdays/Sundays/Public holidays/New Year’s holidays

The purchase of tickets or a PASMO

Can I use a credit card when purchasing a ticket or PASMO, or when topping up a PASMO?
Credit cards cannot be used. (A “Keisei card” can be used only in the case of purchasing a commuter pass.)


Where can I purchase a PASMO?
They can be purchased at a touch panel ticket vending machine found in each station. However, a PASMO for children (child usage) is sold from the commuter pass counter and ticket gate counter.
Is proof of identity required when purchasing a PASMO?
Official credentials are required only in the case of purchasing a PASMO for a child (child usage). The child’s name and age will be checked.
Why was only 500 yen topped up on the PASMO after I purchased it for 1,000 yen?
When first purchasing a PASMO, a PASMO deposit of 500 yen is included in the price. The deposit is returned when the PASMO is returned.
Can several people use a single PASMO?
No, it is not possible for several people to use a single PASMO.
I tried to top up by 1,000 yen, but accidentally topped up by 10,000 yen. Is it possible to get a refund?
Inform an attendant know as soon as possible. Accidentally topped up amounts can be refunded only if it has not been used after charging, on the day of the purchase from the station the PASMO was purchased from.

Station facilities and their usage

Is there a need to take particular care when using the escalator?
In the case of an abnormality, for safety an emergency stop will be made. For that reason please be sure to use the handrail. Also, please refrain from use strollers and transport carts on the escalator.
Is there a need to take particular care when using the elevator?
Please refrain from dangerous actions such as rushing into closing doors or jumping inside the elevator. Please give priority to wheelchair users and those who have trouble walking when using the elevator.
Can I smoke at the station?
Smoking is not permitted at all times and in all areas within the station.

Manners and equipment on the train, train schedules

Is it possible to make mobile phone calls on the train?
As there are many requests for an increase in public awareness against this on the train, we ask for your cooperation in the matter.