Line Route Map

About Shin-Keisei Line

Shin-Keisei Line has good access to Ueno, Tokyo, and Shinagawa areas, and by using “Narita Sky Access”, it only takes 29 minutes to arrive the sky entrance of Japan, Narita Airport.

Staying in the Metropolitan area will relatively reduce costs, and beside its historic hotels and high-quality restaurants, utilization including using it as the base camp for Tokyo sightseeing are also very suitable.

Also, due to the rich natural resources along the line, activities including picking pears or peaches also make this route full of charm.

Line Route Map

Line Route Map

You can make intimate contacts with the nature inside Japan’s living area only about one hour from Tokyo.

Pear picking, grape picking, peach picking
There are several of orchards such as pear orchard, grape orchard, peach orchard, etc. along the line, and the “picking and eating experience” of picking seasonal fruits and eating on the spot is also available.

Pear Picking

Peach Picking

It’s straight from Narita. Heading to Tokyo after a break

Easy access to Tokyo’s famous places such as Ueno, Akihabara, and Ginza, etc.
Directly going from Narita Airport to hotels along the line. Smooth access to various famous spot in Tokyo will be possible while staying along Shin-Keisei Line.