How to use the Ticket Machine

Regular tickets

Shin-Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd. accepts PASMO in addition to regular tickets for the designated travel areas. You can purchase a PASMO and touch it against the automatic ticket gates in our stations (See >> How to use a PASMO). You can also purchase a regular ticket and pass it through the automatic ticket gates in our stations. Please note, however, that regular tickets are only valid on the day of purchase (thru to the last train for that particular day). The ticket becomes invalid as soon as you exit the ticket gate, even if you are exiting at any stop before your destination


Purchasing a regular ticket

(1)Figure out the fare
There is a fare table located above the ticket vending machine where you can check how much it costs to go from your current location to the destination.

(2)Make your selection at the ticket vending machine
Push the [English] button located on the top right of the screen to access the English menu.

(3)Insert the appropriate amount in cash
After having verified the fare, insert bills or coins into the appropriate slots.

(4)Select the fare
Set fare amounts will be displayed on the screen. Choose the applicable amount.

(5)Get your regular ticket
Once the transaction is complete, you can get your ticket from the slot, and your change (if any) will also be spat out by the vending machine.

Using your regular ticket at the ticket gate

Entering the gate

When entering the gate, insert your regular ticket into the ticket slot (the yellow part). Your ticket will be spat out from the other side of the ticket gate. Retrieve the ticket and keep it with you.

Exiting the gate

When exiting the ticket gate, you must also insert your ticket into the ticket reader slot (the yellow part). If it is not a transfer ticket, the ticket stays in the machine. If it is a transfer ticket, the machine will spit the ticket back out on the other side.