The 66th Shin-Keisei Railway Healthy Hiking Event (Open participation dates)

Choose the day you want to participate or wait for a day with good weather
– An early summer walk under the trees –

The distance from the starting point to Kamagaya Fusanoeki is about 4.1 km, so it is the perfect chance to take a break. (Photo credit: Kamagaya City)

The Shin-Keisei Electric Railway company is holding its 66th Shin-Keisei Railway Healthy Hiking Event from June 20 to July 25 (participants choose their own day to hike), 2017. The hiking course is nine kilometers long and runs from Kita-Hatsutomi Station to Misaki Station. It is a great way to enjoy a walk under the trees on a rare sunny day during the rainy season weather.

For our early summer hike, hikers will start at Kita-Hatsutomi Station in Kamagaya, visit Kaigarayama Park and Michinobe Hachimangu Shrine before arriving at Kamagaya Fusanoeki where you can by fresh, local vegetables and souvenirs from around Chiba. After shopping, the hike continues to Otaki Fudoson Temple from where headwaters of the Ebigawa River flow, and ends at the goal point, Misaki Station.

With our popular open participation style, you can freely choose the day you want to participate, so if you have to work on the weekend, you can join in on a weekday or choose a day with pleasant weather.

By collecting a stamp at the designated checkpoint, when reaching the goal at Seven-Eleven inside of Misaki Station, you will receive a commemorative badge (limited to 3,000 people), a “Kanpo” (walk completion) sticker (collect 4 for a special gift), and a free drink.We are looking forward to seeing all you hikers join in the fun!



Details of The 66th Shin-Keisei Railway Healthy Hiking Event

Event Period
June 20 (Tue.) to July 25 (Tue.), 2017.

Hiking Course
Kita-Hatsutomi Station (Start) → Kaigarayama Park → Michinobe Hachimangu Shrine → Kamagaya Fusanoeki (Stamp check point) → Acacia Children’s Park → Otaki Fudoson Temple → Seven-Eleven Shin-Keisei ST Misaki Station Store (Goal)

Walking Distance
About 9 km

Free to participate, no registration required